India deployed a quick-reaction air defense system to the Ladakh region along disputed border with China

India in the past week has deployed a quick-reaction air defense system to the Ladakh region, as both super powers continue to beef up their forces along the disputed border. 

Tensions between the two Asian countries are at a decade-long-high following a number of deadly clashes along the disputed border region that separates both countries.

The Indian armed forces  deployed their advanced very quick-reaction surface-to-air missile defence systems in the Eastern Ladakh sector amid heightened Chinese fighter aircraft and helicopter activities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
According to ANI report, government sources said: “As part of the ongoing build-up in the sector, the air defense systems of both Indian Army and the Indian Air Force have been deployed in the sector to prevent any misadventure by the Chinese Air Force fighter jets or the People’s Liberation Army choppers there.”

Also Sputnik News reports citing sources from the Indian government confirmed that the situation remains tense along the Line of Actual Control, as they have deployed their Sukhoi-30 fighter jets and strategic bombers to the area to protect their territories.

On June 15th, the Indian and Chinese troops clashed near Galwan Lake, resulting in one of the deadliest border battles in years with the Indian Ministry of Defense reporting 20 casualties and 76 injuries, while the Chinese side did not report their casualty toll.

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