Air Defenses activated as Jihadists launch powerful attack on largest Russian airbase in Syria

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Reports has it that the jihadist rebels along the Idlib-Latakia axis launched a powerful attack on the Hmeimim Airbase last night 22nd June), prompting the Syrian and Russian forces to activate their air defenses.

The Syrian and Russian air defenses were activated at the Hmeimim Airbase and an SAA garrison near Jableh after the jihadists tried to strike the installation and its surroundings with a plethora of missiles, AMN reported citing local source.

Local sources in Jableh city said they were awoken by heavy explosions that were caused by the interception of jihadist missiles over the Syrian coast last night.

The sources said they were unaware of any missiles reaching their intended targets, as they pointed out no one was harmed and no damage was reported in the Jableh area.

The latest attack by the jihadist rebels marked the first time this month that they attempted to strike the Hmeimim Airbase and its surroundings.

Previously, when the jihadists tried to bomb the airbase, they would often receive a powerful response from the Russian Air Force.

The Russian Air Force has not responded to the attack; however, it is expected that they or the Syrian military will retaliate.

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