Venezuelan to make an official complaint to UN as troops seizes 3 Colombian naval combat boats, Weapons

The Venezuelan Armed Forces on Saturday seized three Colombian naval combac boats and weapons that were abandoned inside of the Bolivarian Republic, indicating that some people managed to reach shore.

Venezuelan Armed Forces said their troops found the Colombian naval boats abandoned in the Chorro El Mono area of the Orinoco River, which is located in the Bolivar State. “The unmanned ships are Boston Wheeler model speedboats, each with two Evinrude brand 175 HP engines, armed with 50mm and M60 caliber machine guns, and their respective ammunition,” the FANB informed.

“All this material is in custody… The Public Ministry and other Venezuelan institutions carry out the corresponding investigations.”

The boats are thought to have belonged to some mercenaries who managed to reach Venezuelan territory after sailing from Colombian waters. “The patrol and search work continues throughout the national territory, as part of the operation Bolivarian Shield so as to guarantee the Nation’s freedom, sovereignty, and independence,” Defense Minister General Vladimir Padrino Lopez explained.

This latest incident comes just days after the Venezuelan Armed Forces arrested two naval incursions on two separate days near the Colombian border.  Among those arrested by the Venezuelan Armed Forces were two ex-U.S. soldiers, who later confessed to working for the security firm, Silvercorp.

According to a preliminary investigation the boats were dragged away by strong river currents, Colombia’s Navy said in a statement, as reported by Reuters. Colombia’s Navy said it is talking with its counterparts in Venezuela to recover the boats.

In televised comments Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the military would return the boats if the Colombian government made an official request for them. Adding that Venezuela will make an official complaint to the United Nations accusing Colombia and the United States of violating international law for the failed invasion attempt, Maduro added.

Maduro had on Wednesday accused Colombian President Ivan Duque of enabling the operation, which Duque denied.

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