US preparing agreement on extraction of resources on the moon without the participation of Russia

Russian Putin's spokesperson Peskov commented on the draft American agreement on the extraction of resources on the moon

A draft US mining agreement on the moon, prepared by the United States, requires in-depth analysis in terms of international law. This was announced to reporters by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

"We drew attention to this information, it requires in-depth analysis, including from the point of view of the existing international legal framework," he said, Tass reported on Wednesday.

The Agreement called Artemis Accords can be signed with some countries of the EU, Canada, Japan and the United Arab Emirates (officially, the partners have not yet received the draft documents). 

The document, expected to be a reference to international law to ensure the basis for the possession produced on the Earth’s satellite resources. 

The United States in 2015, adopted the law on the ownership of companies in the extracted outer space resources. However, in the international community there is no such law. In addition, the States party to the Treaty on outer space of 1967, which States that the Moon and other celestial bodies “are not subject to national development”.

While Russia, the main partner of NASA on the International space station (ISS), in the participants list no. As reported by Reuters, citing its sources, due to the fact that the Pentagon believes that the Russian satellites in earth orbit are increasingly making “threatening maneuvers” against the reconnaissance satellites of the United States.

the Agreement Accords Artemis is part of the plan of the administration of trump’s departure from the discussion of space exploration on the basis of the United Nations. As suggested in the White house, where it will be easier to reach consensus with a few like-minded people than to bring issues to public debate, especially that “working with States that are not space powers, unproductive,” Reuters quoted its source.

Artemis Accords – preparation for the implementation of the plan to NASA at a cost of tens of billions of dollars on the landing of men on the moon by 2024. It is expected that after the United States will create their “permanent presence” at the South pole of the moon, but private companies will be engaged in development of minerals, including production of rocket fuel. The moon is viewed including as a platform for Mars exploration.

Peskov said he was not yet ready to give a direct assessment of this project.

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