Turkish-backed Tripoli forces prepare to launch big attack - Security Expert

An Egyptian security expert Khaled Okasha said that Tripoli“militias and mercenaries” are gathering forces in western Libya, preparing to launch big attack.

Okasha, while commenting on the battles between the Libyan National Army and Government of National Accord (GNA) forces, pointed out that “all indications on the ground indicate that these militias are preparing for an imminent attack for the second time at the military base in western Libya.”

The Egyptian said that the artillery bombardment of the Libyan Army on the Mitiga Airbase and the outskirts of Bab Al-Azizia, ​​may delay the attack a little, and may also be a reason to accelerate it.

The expert stressed that “the bombing directly targets the positions of the Turkish officers, who manage the western scene, and behind their backs the voice of Erdogan is burning their miracles to urgently complete the task of redeployment and control at the western theater of operations, and at the heart of it is the base that Erdogan dreams of possessing in order to secure him the cross-border supply line and the achievement of a golden pile in Tunisia are returning the scene to a better level than before the April 2019 lines.”

The base Okasha is referencing is the Al-Watiyah Airbase in western Tripoli, which had previously witnessed heavy clashes between the LNA and GNA.

The LNA has been able to repeatedly beat back the Turkish-backed GNA forces, while killing and wounding several of their fighters, including Syrian mercenaries transferred from Turkey.

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