Supreme Leader: Americans won’t stay in Iraq and Syria, they’ll be expelled

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday said American troops will  not state in Iraq and Syria.

In a series of tweet, Iranian supreme leader said they will be expelled from the region.

"The U.S. govt’s long-term performance has led to its being abhorred by a major part of the world: warmongering, helping notorious govts, training terrorists, unconditional support for oppression and the like."

"Despite large sums spent to show itself as being appealing to global public opinion, the U.S. not only isn’t attractive but its government & system have turned into an abhorrent entity in much of the world."

"Even govts that are friends with the US, when they speak up and express what they really feel, one can see that they detest the US govt and politicians, and they distrust and disregard them."

"A part of this hatred towards the US is due to the presence of these gentlemen heading the current US government. On one side there’s Physician Trump! On the other side is the lowly, ranting Secretary of State who keeps making illogical, nonsensical comments here & there."

"Odious people in the US govt aren’t the only source of hatred for the US. US’s long-term performance, aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria, their blatantly saying they send troops to Syria for its oil & their support for ISIS & the Zionist regime have led to hatred for the US."
Their warmongering, promoting terrorism, injustice and more recently their scandalous management of the #COVID19 pandemic are some of the factors that have led to global hatred toward US rule.

Tensions between US and Iran have been aggravated to a new height since January when President Donald Trump ordered the assassination of the Iran's IRGC Quds commander Kassem Soleimani who was killed in Baghdad, Iraqi capital.

Iran retaliated with missile strikes against the US bases in Iraq

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