Russian stealth jets Su-57 flew unnoticed over six US military bases in Iraq and Syria: Media

The Russian stealth jets Su-57 fighter managed to pass over the American military air bases in northern Iraq and remained unnoticed. Russian Avia.Pro reported on Sunday

According to the publication,citing a source, said the incident occurred during the last appearance of a fifth-generation Russian fighter in Syria, the Russian combat aircraft followed its own course, and was not transported aboard the An-124.

"According to information sources, Turkey does not allow the appearance of Russian combat aircraft in its airspace, and therefore, the Russian Su-57 fighter could get to the Khmeimim airbase exclusively through Iraqi airspace, following over its northern part, and subsequently entering and into Syrian airspace directly above US military installations." Avia.Pro’s sources claimed

Given the likely route of the Russian Su-57 fighter, a combat aircraft flew through the corridor with at least three US military bases in Iraq and three military bases in Syria.

According to Avia.Pro: “Until recently, the Russian Su-57 was ridiculed in the United States, claiming that it could not claim the title of stealth, however, given the fact that the Russian fighter unimpededly covered several thousand kilometers directly over the US military bases in Iraq and Syria, it’s quite obvious that we are really talking about an “invisible plane” that successfully clicked Washington’s nose , ”the specialist notes.

According to some reports, in 2020 Russia also plans to send the Su-57 fighter to Syria for the next testing phase - this time to conduct air patrols, but at the moment no statements have been made about this.

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