Russian military developing new material that enemy radars are unable to detect

Russian experts have been able to develop a special “cloth” that absorbs radio waves and is able to effectively block military vehicles from enemy radars in winter conditions.

The media office of the Russian company “Electronica Radio” said that the factory where this type of fabric was developed is preparing to launch industrial production on the basis of threads intertwined with very fine magnetic metal wires.

The media office indicated that the mentioned factory had manufactured the experimental batch of the mentioned material.

The company said that innovation reduces the ability of enemy radars to detect camouflaged weapons, to a large extent.

They pointed out that the new fabric is resistant to climatic fluctuations and is resistant to low temperatures, and one of its most prominent properties is its ability to absorb radar radiation by 99.5%, so that the reflected wave does not enable the radar to determine the location of the hidden machine and identify it.

Source: Novosti

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