Russia sends reinforcements of 150 armoured vehicles to Syria

On April 12th, the Russian Federation sent a large amount of military equipment to Syria, including tanks and other armored vehicles.

According to the maritime observer Yoruk Isik, the Russian Federation’s Project 1171 ЧФ Black Sea Fleet 197th Assault Ship Brigade Tapir (NATO:Alligator) class LST Saratov transited on April 10th, the Bosphorus Strait that links the Black and Mediterranean seas.

Yörük Işık
Reinforcement for Russia’s #Syria campaign continues amid #COVID19 pandemic: #ВМФ Project 1171 #ЧФ Black Sea Fleet 197th Assault Ship Brigade Tapir (NATO:Alligator) class LST Saratov 150 transited Bosphorus (carrying tanks/APCs) towards Mediterranean en route to #Tartus.

The Russian ship would later arrive to Syria’s Port of Tartous, where the cargo on the ship was later unloaded and transported to the Syrian and Russian armed forces inside the country.

Now, nearly a month later, a photo of the Russian’s ship cargo has been released and shared on several social media platforms.

In the photo, several soldiers can be seen at the dock for the Port of Tartous, while the Saratov’s cargo is being prepared to be unloaded.

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Russia has sent 150 tanks and armored personnel carriers to Syria.

The arrival of these armored vehicles came a month after the Turkish Air Force launched a powerful attack in the Idlib Governorate, which resulted in the death of several soldiers and the destruction of a number of mechanisms, including tanks and armored personnel carriers (APC).

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