Putin Thanks Russian farmers, says grain harvests in Russia have exceed 100 million tonnes for six years in a row

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his series of meetings concerning the basic, supporting sectors of the Russian economy has thanked the Russian farmers, adding that Grain harvests in Russia have exceeded 100 million tonnes for six years in a row.

Putin said Wednesday during a teleconfrence meeting with the representatives of the regions and industry leaders "I would like to use the opportunity to thank our farmers, the workers of agricultural companies for their hard work and its results that are so important for the country."

"Grain harvests in Russia have exceeded 100 million tonnes for six years in a row and this year we also have a good outlook. Today we’ll probably talk more about this."

"$25.5 billion worth of our agricultural products were exported last year. This is incredible compared to previous years. Ten or fifteen years ago no one could have even imagined this would be possible." Putin said during a meeting on agricultural and food industry.

"I myself compare this to arms and special-purpose equipment exports which are worth $15 billion. This is an absolutely tremendous number, which makes us the world’s second largest arms exporter."
Russia fully provides itself with the basic foodstuffs, is consistently exploring global markets, and is one of the leading exporters of a number of goods, according to Kremlin report

"Against the backdrop of challenges facing the Russian and global economy, it is crucial that we keep up the dynamics attained in our agricultural sector and our farmers’ belief that they will be able to continue working sustainably and to preserve their cooperation ties.

"We must ensure reliable supplies to the domestic market and assess the opportunities our companies now have, including the opportunity to export their produce.

"Today, I propose discussing, with the heads of companies and business associations, the challenges facing the agricultural sector, as well as related sectors that are closely tied to agriculture. I am referring to agricultural machinery, food industry equipment, fertiliser production, and a number of other industries."

"I already mentioned that in recent years, and everyone is aware of this, Russia’s agro-industrial sector has been showing fast and proactive growth and it has been consolidating its positions as a modern, high-tech industry with good potential for qualitative growth.!

Experts believe that agriculture and the food industry have not been affected by the restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic as seriously as other industries, although their incomes can indeed decrease and spending can increase.
It is especially important at the height of the spring sowing campaign to support our farmers and to ensure stable functioning of our companies so that they have the funds to buy fuel, fertiliser, to purchase and process raw materials. The [Agriculture] Minister reported on the developments in this sector before, but I suggest that we discuss this matter once again. Of course, we must not overlook the matter of remuneration either. Russian Leader said.

!I would like to point out that we are talking here not only about large farms and agricultural holdings, but primarily about small enterprises and family farms. They feel any change on the market especially acutely. We will be talking about this as well."

Of course, while discussing the current issues in this sector or any other industry, we must not forget about our strategic objectives. We must improve the competitiveness of Russian agricultural produce so that the demand for our products and foodstuffs grows on the domestic market and abroad.

This is an important or even the key parameter, which we must take into account when developing our agricultural, industrial, education and science policies, a system of supporting and encouraging exports, developing high-level processing of agricultural raw materials.

Russian companies have achieved impressive results in the production of meat, especially poultry and pork, vegetable oils and sugar, granulated sugar. I have already said that, over the past 10–20 years, the output of these items has grown significantly. We must look to the future now, to develop such areas as horticulture, viticulture, and beef and dairy production.

It is important to fully employ the capabilities of the industry science, to focus their research on the needs of real production as much as possible, so that Russian projects in breeding, genetics, and biotechnology serve to boost the output of safe, high-quality products.

First of all, we are talking about import substitution of seeds and feed additives. I know that there have been difficulties in the last few months, but I hope they have been overcome.
It is equally important to grow pedigree cattle and manufacture veterinary drugs. I want to emphasise – it is not just an applied task for science and business, but also a key condition, the key to food security and independence of our country.

Furthermore, the development of the agricultural sector is not just about achieving high production levels, but also about creating more jobs, increasing incomes and improving the quality of life for millions of people.

We also need to move swiftly in the development of infrastructure and social services in rural areas, including healthcare, education and culture, as well as in addressing people’s housing problems. We need modern, safe roads and utility networks and, of course, the development of digital infrastructure, which both citizens and businesses need. Putin Noted.

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