Memorial erected in Idlib for Russian pilot killed in Syria

The Russian Army erected a memorial to the pilot, Roman Filipov, in the place where he parachuted after his plane was hit in the Idlib Governorate.

The incident dates back to February 3, 2018, when he was bombing a group of jihadists in the Idlib countryside.

Instead of surrendering to the jihadists after he parachuted from his falling aircraft, Filipov chose to engage the swarming militants instead of surrendering to them.

The statue was erected on a small hill in the middle of an olive grove, where traces of bullets are still found.

The terrorist groups targeted the Su-25 bomber, with pilot Filippov on board, from portable air defense systems.

The pilot tried to keep the affected aircraft in the air, and was able to inform the command about the missile attack on his plane.

Filipov jumped by parachute after losing control of the bomber and landed in an olive grove in Saraqib that was under the control of militant groups, as he fought an asymmetric battle.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that when he found himself surrounded by terrorists, as the distance between them diminished, he detonated a bomb with is last words being: “This is for you guys!”


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