#LibyanWar: Turkish Airstrike Kills 9 Haftar Men In Western Libya

MP Salah Al-Sahbi Mourns LNA Soldiers Killed In Al-Rajban

The Turkish military carried out a powerful airstrike on Friday using one of their armed drones in Al-Rajban city, western region of Libya killing at least nine military officers of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

The Turkish drone struck a checkpoint belonging to the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the Al-Rajban area this morning. he reports said the Turkish drone strikes resulted in the death of nine Libyan Army police officers.

Libya Review
@LibyaReview sources: In the early hours of today, 9 police officers were killed after a Turkish drone airstrike targeted a checkpoint in Al-Rujban, west Libya. #Libya #LibyaReview

This latest drone strike by the Turkish military is the deadliest air attack on the LNA forces this week.

While the Turkish military was successful in conducting this airstrike, they did lose two of their aircraft near the Al-Watiyah Airbase west of Tripoli on Friday.

The Libyan National Army managed to shoot down these Turkish aircraft before they could bomb the LNA forces at the airbase.

The Libyan Parliament Member, Salah Al-Sahbi, mourned the loss of the LNA members in Al-Rajban city.

“Mercy be upon the souls of the martyrs who were targeted at the northern entrance gate to the city of Al-Rajban. They were targeted by Turkish drones used by forces aligned to the Government of National Accord. This comes amid the announcement of the second ‘Libya Dawn’ operation to target the cities of Al-Rajban and Zintan.” Al-Sahbi said in his statement.

“These criminal acts will soon be over, and their perpetrators and supporters will be prosecuted and held accountable to the law. 

As for Turkey, which has entered into our internal affairs, it will pay the price for all the damage it has caused to Libya. We will not forgive what it did as a state, even after the end of Erdogan’s presidency” The Parliament Member added.

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