Israeli PM Netanyahu says he ‘will not miss opportunity’ to annex West Bank by July

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday (Monday) said  he will not “miss the opportunity” to impose Israeli sovereignty over areas of the West Bank in the month of July.

Netanyahu said during a Likud Party meeting: “The opportunity to impose sovereignty has not existed since 1948; this is a historic opportunity we will not let it pass.” 

He added that the upcoming tasks of his government are focused on “returning workplaces that were lost due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the state budget that should be passed in the Knesset.”

“Thirdly, the security file, our enemies do not stop for a moment, and we do not stop moving against them for a moment, also … we work against Iran everywhere and we will prevent it from threatening us again.”

Netanyahu’s new statements regarding the annexation of settlements and valleys come after the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, announced last Tuesday that the Palestinian leadership and the PLO have withdrawn from all security agreements with Israel.

Palestinian leader held the United States fully responsible for the oppression of the Palestinian people, and considered it an essential partner in all the aggressive decisions and measures that prejudice the rights of the Palestinians.

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