Iranian official debunks media ‘lies’ about Russia, Iran removing Assad

Syrian President Al-Assad received Iranian FM Zarif in Damascus 
Iran on Sunday debunked as propaganda, the media lies that has been making round the digital and interment space of Russia and Iran's plan to remove the Syrian President.

Special Assistant to the President of the Iranian Shura Council for International Affairs, Hussein Amir Abdullahian, said the purported media reports about an “agreement” between Russia and Iran to push the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, to resign lacked validity. In a tweet on Saturday evening, Abdullahian said Assad is “the legitimate President of Syria and the great leader in the fight against takfiri terrorism in the Arab world.”

 “The rumor of an agreement between Iran and Russia regarding his resignation is a major lie and American-Zionist media propaganda.” He stressed that “Tehran strongly supports the sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity of Syria.”

Previously, some media affiliated with the Syrian opposition and some western think tanks spread the rumors that Russia and Iran had reached an agreement to push Assad to resign in order to accelerate the process of a political settlement to the crisis that has persisted in Syria since 2011.

Both Russian and Iranian officials have since debunked these claims, pointing out that there is no truth to these rumors.

Russian and Iran backed Damascus forces of the Syrian Arab Army have restored more than 80% of the Syrian territories to the Assad control.

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