Iranian Ambassador reveals Venezuela paid in full for its oil

The Iranian ambassador to Caracas, Hajjatullah Sultani, revealed that his country received the value of the gasoline fuel it supplied to Venezuela in full, Almasdar reported.
Sultani said in a press statement today, Wednesday, that the process of supplying gasoline to Venezuela was carried out in accordance with commercial controls and international laws, adding that the sums of the value of gasoline were paid in full.

Referring to the dysfunctional mechanisms used in the field of international trade, the Iranian ambassador said, “The most important aspect is that Venezuela and Iran have a special mechanism to pay the sums of exports and imports between them in full, and the example of this is the recent shipment of gasoline.”

Sultani praised in his tweet, the accompaniment and protection of the Iranian tankers by the Venezuelan Armed Forces, describing it as ” brave and worthy work.”

In another tweet, the Iranian ambassador to Venezuela criticized the policies of the United States and wrote: That committing the aggressive and rebellious American government to its responsibility towards international rules and treaties and respecting the freedom of maritime freedom and freedom of trade is the most important strategic impact of the arrival of fuel tankers in Venezuela. The United Nations has been waiting for this victory for many years, and they deserve it.”

The third Iranian tanker reportedly entered Venezuelan waters last night and later reached its intended destination in the Bolivarian Republic.

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