Huawei goes FULL WOKE with black ‘Covid-19 misinformation’ panel to battle White House criticism

The US branch of Chinese tech giant Huawei has chosen a stunning and brave new public relations strategy to combat criticism, announcing web events with black journalists, environmentalists and women in technology.

Arguing that Covid-19 misinformation is “hitting African American, Asian, Hispanic, rural & low-income Americans hard,” Huawei USA announced a May 13 event with musician and CNN contributor and former Obama adviser Van Jones – among others – hosted by the National Association of Black Journalists.


#Misinformation on #COVID19 is hitting African American, Asian, Hispanic, rural & low-income Americans hard. On May 13 @NABJ, @IAMWILL, @VanJones68, @RolandSMartin & @EbonyJadeHilton discuss keeping Americans healthy + safe. … #HuaweiNABJWebinar

Other webinars announced on Monday included one about saving the rainforests with the help of artificial intelligence and another promoting women’s issues with the hashtag #FemTech.

Get ready for #JoyTan, Mitch Aide of @uprrp and @TopherWhite of @RainforestCx's webinar. The group will explain how we can leverage #AI to preserve the rainforest. Register now.

Let's talk #FemTech. @TechCrunch highlights a few of the standout CEOs using technology to take women's health front and center. #womenshealthweek

They attracted almost zero engagement, however – unlike the one charitably described by critics as “political blackface,” which quickly got ratioed by a torrent of negative replies.

Comments ranged from calling Huawei “Chinese spyware” and the webinar “Communist propaganda” to pointing out none of the panelists have any expertise in the subject matter – beyond their skin color, that is.

Stephen L. Miller
Heya @mdornic - Why is a CNN contributor sitting in on a panel about misinformation sponsored by the Chinese State Government? …

There were also memes about the Chinese “social credit” system and how “cringe” like this violated it.
The Trump administration has taken a particular interest in Huawei as part of its trade war with China that long predated the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has been barred from working with the federal government and major US tech giants were pressured to remove their software from its platform. Even US allies have found themselves threatened by Washington if they make any deals with Huawei.

US officials are mostly preoccupied by Huawei’s use of 5G technology and ability of its systems to evade surveillance by the US and its allies, known as “Five Eyes.” This hostility was not addressed by the first round of the US-Chinese trade deal, signed on the eve of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then, the US rhetoric has only grown more belligerent, accusing Beijing of deliberately allowing the coronavirus to spread across the world and lying about its origins, infectiousness and true death rates.

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