How Syrian Army intercepts US military convoy in northeast Syria?

Damascus forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intercepted a U.S. military convoy in northeastern Syria on Wednesday, local sources reported.

Sources said the U.S. military convoy approached a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint in the Tal Tamr countryside, resulting in a brief and a non-violent standoff between the two sides. The SAA refused to give way to the U.S. military convoy, forcing them to turn around and find another path to their intended destination.

The confrontation reportedly took place west of Tal Tamr, near the small village of Umm Al-Khayr in the western countryside of the Al-Hasakah Governorate. Over the last few months, the Syrian Army has become increasingly aggressive towards the U.S. forces in northeastern Syria, as they have repeatedly forced them to turn around when approaching an SAA checkpoint.

Furthermore, the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces (NDF) have organised with local tribes and villagers to hold protests along major roadways that are often accessed by the U.S. troops.

By doing so, the villagers and tribesmen block the U.S. military’s pathway and force them to turn around.

As shown in an RT video footage, the standoff was non-violent and did not last very long as the U.S. forces turned around without further engaging the Syrian military.

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