Heavy explosions rock Baghdad Airport amid new missile attack

A number of explosions were heard near the Baghdad International Airport this morning amid reports of a new missile attack. Almasdar reported.

According to the reports, the missiles landed in and around the Baghdad International Airport, which prompted the military to raise its alert levels.

The missile attack at the Baghdad Airport was captured on film this morning, with some observers commenting on the number of projectiles that targeted the site.

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WATCH: ALLEGED Video of #Baghdad international airport bombing.

We don’t believe it’s correct, but if it is, that’s way more than 3 Missiles. (Working on confirmation)

Some minutes later:

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Video is legit according to @Brothersirq

Since the missile attack, the air forces of Iraq and the U.S.-led Coalition have been active over the Baghdad Governorate, with reports indicating that these warplanes are flying at a low altitude.

This morning’s attack marks the first time in several weeks that missiles have targeted a site in the Baghdad Governorate.

No group has claimed responsibility for this attack.

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Checked with locals, few of them say that there’s still heavy American presence around the airport (ordinarily)

الخوة النظيفة

طيران جوي كثيف في محيط مطار بغداد بعد سماع دوي الإنفجارات.

URGENT: Alleged video of the incident shows 17 rockets hitting the airport. There’s no way to confirm the video at the moment, but we sure haven’t seen it before.

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