Diplomatic Source: Russia not abandoning Syria’s Assad, all claims unfounded

A diplomatic source commented on the rumours circulating via social media and western publications about Russian-Syrian relations, and stressed that the contacts between the Russian and Syrian leaders continue on a daily basis.

Speaking to the semi-official Al-Watan News Agency, the diplomatic source said that Moscow supports the Syrian state’s endeavor to retake the entire country, while also aiding the government at economic, diplomatic and military levels. The source confirmed that all published articles and analysis on the alleged Russian dispute with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad are unfounded.

The source stressed that: “The campaign launched in some Russian media outlets comes from its sources and supporters close to Turkey and Israel, indicating that Moscow has recently renewed its absolute support for the Syrian state and President Bashar al-Assad.”

“This campaign, which also coincides with a similar campaign in the Israeli media, is linked in one way or another to the Russian media, which published articles against the Syrian state” they continued.

The source continued: “Contacts are continuing on an almost daily basis between the Russian and Syrian leaderships, not only on the military level, but also on the economic and health levels. Russia is helping Syria to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, and is studying with Damascus everything that can be done to revive the Syrian economy.”

In regards to rumours about Russian interference in the Syrian internal affairs, the source emphasized that Moscow has never interfered in any Syrian internal matter, and that its relationship with Damascus is a relationship of friendship, and has “no ties inside Syria except with the Syrian leadership “.

The source stated that the Kremlin renewed in several statements Russia’s support for the Syrian state, and that everything published would not affect the depth of relations that bind the two countries.

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