COVID-19: North Korea INTENSIFIED Anti-Epidemic Measures - KCNA

As the country is yet to officially report any confirmed case of the coronavirus pandemic on its territory, North Korea as steadily step-up preventive measures in all the regions and units of the DPRK against the widespread malignant virus infection that comes to be a world disaster.

According to the State official news agency KCNA, the Non-Permanent Central Public Health Guidance Committee are reviewing some deviations in the state emergency anti-epidemic work through regular teleconference on the state emergency anti-epidemic activities and taking necessary measures in time.

"The emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels are intensifying the control and guidance on quarantine, lock-down, inspection and sterilization to thoroughly check the inroads of COVID-19 while making exact demands for preventing any factors that may lead to other infectious diseases at the turn of the seasons."

"Officials of the Party and power organs, working people's organizations and in the field of public health and hygienic and anti-epidemic work across the country are intensifying the hygienic information service, medical observation, education and control to let the working people and residents keep a high sense of awareness and consistency in action with utmost care."

"The Ministry of Public Health has established the state emergency anti-epidemic information system and stockpiled materials necessary for emergency anti-epidemic work to the maximum while actively pushing ahead with the development of vaccine against the virus.

"As positive state efforts are being directed to agriculture, preventive measures are being taken for the people aiding farming.

"Officials across the country are taking strict measures to stop the inroads of any other new dangerous epidemics into the country in the emergency anti-epidemic period in cooperation with the hygienic and anti-epidemic organs."

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