Utterly counterproductive: Lavrov slams Washington’s Cuba blockade policy

Russian FM Lavrov
Moscow, in its contacts with Washington, insists on the counter-productivity and inefficiency of the policy of economic blockade of Cuba, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday.
"Practically no one supports the policy of blockade of Cuba the United States has been sticking to for decades. 

The United Nations General Assembly every year passes resolutions on the unacceptability of this blockade, demanding its immediate lifting. 

The latest resolution that was adopted last December was supported by a record number of votes. 

The overwhelming majority, 187 nations, voted for this resolution demanding this illegal practice be stopped. Regrettably, Washington has turned a deaf ear to these signals. 

But in our contacts with the American colleagues we have been pointing to the absolute counter-productivity of such an approach," Lavrov said in an online interview with Russian and foreign media.

The Russian top diplomat stressed that Cuba is interested in good relations with all countries, including the United States.

 "We see it each time we speak with our Cuban friends. Of course, it [good relations] can rest only on mutual respect, on respect to the key principles of the United Nations Charter, first of all the principle of sovereignty and the right of nations to decide about their future," he stated.

Campaign to discredit Cuban doctors

The campaign launched in the United States to discredit Cuban doctors fighting coronavirus in dozens states is inadmissible and not worthy of a great country, Lavrov stated.

The top diplomat emphasized that the US is hampering supplies of humanitarian aid to the country to tackle the viral crisis. 

"Americans also do not let Cubans purchase the necessary medical equipment. They just prohibit it, abusing their position on the market of these goods and abusing the role of dollar in bank transactions," he underlined. 

"Simultaneously, which is unfortunately not worthy of a great country, the US launched a whole campaign to discredit Cuban doctors who work in dozens countries in the world, ensuring solution of most difficult tasks in healthcare."

According to Lavrov, the Cuban doctors had been working in Latin America and other world regions long before the coronavirus spread.

 "Now amid the pandemic Cubans are exhibiting their best national qualities by working in almost 60 countries, including European ones and Italy in particular, they take on very important tasks," the minister stressed. 

"The dignity of this nation deserves the highest appraisal."

The United Nations General Assembly has been passing annual resolutions calling on the United States to lift its trade and economic blockade of Cuba for 27 years in a row. 

US' 44th President Barack Obama admitted in December 2014 that Washington’s former policy towards Havana was not working and announced a course towards normalization of bilateral ties and mitigation of anti-Cuban sanctions. 

However his successor, Donald Trump, halted this process. Instead, he toughened the rules for Cuban trips by US nationals and imposed a ban on doing business with companies controlled by the Cuban military.

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