US threatens to withdraw military from Saudi Arabia over oil crisis: report

The United States is putting pressure on Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to cut its oil production as the  U.S. President Donald Trump threatened the Arab country, in the absence of a response, to withdraw military support.

According to the Reuters News Agency, citing four sources, the agency said that Trump called Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on April 2 and told him that if OPEC countries did not start cutting oil production, he would be unable to stop U.S. lawmakers from passing a law to withdraw U.S. forces from the Gulf Kingdom.

The agency said that this threat to end a 75-year strategic alliance represented a focal point in the American pressure campaign that led to a prominent global deal to reduce oil supplies, in conjunction with the collapse of demand for it in light of the spread of coronavirus, and was considered a diplomatic victory for the White House.

According to the agency, Trump sent his message to the Crown Prince ten days before the announcement of production cuts, and MBS was surprised by the threat that he ordered his aides to leave the room so that he could continue the discussion separately.

A senior U.S. official told the agency that the administration informed Saudi leaders that “without production cuts,” there would be no way to prevent the U.S. Congress from imposing restrictions that might lead to the withdrawal of US forces. ”

It is reported that Trump, in his response to the agency’s question whether he had told the Crown Prince that the United States may withdraw its forces from Saudi Arabia, said that he “should not have told him.”

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