Russian President called the fight against COVID-19 an exam on humanity

Russian President Vladimir Putin at an online meeting with volunteers said that the fight against coronavirus has become an exam for humanity for everyone. Tass reported Thursday

According to Putin, Russia has proven to be a united country. "In the days of such difficult trials, everyone shows who he really is, what he is capable of. The fight against the threat of coronavirus has become for us all a real test for humanity, for the ability to compassion and mutual assistance. We have proved that we are together, we are one a cohesive country, "Putin said.

He stressed that the names and surnames of volunteers and volunteers are sometimes not known to anyone, "but they do this at the call of the heart and this is the most expensive thing that can be." "This is something else in character, in the genetic and historical code of our person," the president added.

Putin noted that the dedicated work of the volunteers proves that for Russians, people, their lives, their health, their future, are above all.

"Your selfless work is the main confirmation of this. It arouses pride and unlimited respect. I say this without any exaggeration. Volunteers, NGO employees show themselves worthily, as a powerful, creative, life-affirming force. You have taken on a colossal amount of tasks," stressed the Russian leader.

The head of state separately appealed to the leaders of regions and municipalities with a request to provide the necessary assistance to volunteer and socially oriented non-profit organizations.

“Not only now, in the current, extraordinary situation, but always, under any circumstances, because the solution of today's and even long-term tasks that are largely dependent on volunteers, on those people who work in NPOs, on their energy and civic initiative in front of our country, "Putin explained, promising to do everything necessary to maintain the teams, to further help those who work in difficult conditions. 

He also assured that the authorities will create long-term, stable conditions for volunteer activities, to expand their participation in the life of the country.

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