Russian Baltic Fleet aircraft crush enemy command posts, military hardware in drills

The crews of Su-24M frontline bombers and Su-30SM multirole fighters from the Baltic Fleet’s naval aviation struck a notional enemy’s ground targets during drills in the east of Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad Region, the Fleet’s press office reported on Wednesday.

"The crews of Su-24M and Su-30SM aircraft from the Fleet’s naval aviation performed flights to the designated area and carried out precision bombing against full-size targets that simulated the notional enemy’s command posts, engineering fortifications, manpower and military hardware," the press office said in a statement.

The pilots used OFAB-250 and P-50T air bombs to deliver strikes, dropping them from an altitude of 500 meters to 1,000 meters, the statement says.

"The pilots’ operations were registered by the data recording equipment, the elements of which were installed on combat aircraft and on the ground in the combat employment area," according to the statement.

Apart from delivering air strikes, the pilots performed aerobatic maneuvers, including vertical, horizontal and tilted barrel rolls, combat turns, and also techniques to dodge enemy air defenses. The bombing was carried out taking into account the experience of Russia’s air task force in Syria, the press office said.

The drills involved about ten crews of Su-24M and Su-30SM aircraft.


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