Russia unlikely to lift coronavirus restrictions by May 9 as confirmed cases surpasses 15,700

Russia is not expected to fully lift its restrictions imposed over the coronavirus by Victory Day on May 9, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said in an interview with "Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" program on Rossiya-1 TV channel. Tass reported

The number of novel coronavirus cases in Russia has risen by 2,186 over the past day, reaching 15,770 in 82 regions, the anti-coronavirus crisis center reported on Sunday.

Some 1,291 people have recovered and 130 others have died.

"I would rather not make any early conclusions now. We certainly want this situation to stop ahead of such a major holiday as Victory Day. But definitely we won’t be able to fully stop this," Golikova said, answering a question on whether the restrictions would be extended.

According to Golikova, Russia could end its restrictions over the coronavirus by this summer provided that citizens fully complied with the measures of social distancing and self-isolation.

"In Russia the cases of coronavirus infection have risen to 15,770 (+16.1%) in 82 regions. Over the past day, 246 people have been discharged. A total of 1,045 people have been discharged to date. Some 24 patients with coronavirus have died over the past day. The total death toll in Russia has hit 130," the crisis center said.

Last week, the tally of confirmed coronavirus cases in Russia surpassed 5,000, and over the past seven days this number has nearly tripled. However, the daily growth in cases this week did not exceed 20%.

Russia’s specialists have managed to keep the mortality rate lower than on average in the world, where it rose from 5% to 6% this week.

The number of recoveries is also gradually increasing. Over the past week, it grew from 6.6% to 8.2%. Last Sunday, the total number of recoveries reached 355, and over the past seven days this number more than doubled, rising to 936. By the end of next week, the recoveries are expected to hit several thousand.

All Russian regions have imposed a self-isolation regime, either mandatory or non-binding. Shops, except groceries and those selling articles of daily necessity and pet supplies, theaters, restaurants, cafes, bars, fitness centers, beauty parlors and recreation centers have been shut down. 

People are barred from visiting parks and holding entertainment events. Nearly all state and municipal services have switched to an online mode.

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