Report - Syria may purchase Belarusian missile system

The Syrian military may purchase a Belarusian missile system to replace their current Russian Grad rockets, Avia.Pro reported on Wednesday.
According to the publication, the Syrian military may acquire the Belarusian Flute system, which they claim will be an upgrade from their current Grads. “Syrian military experts are actively discussing the possibility of acquiring a large batch of Belarusian Flute multiple launch rocket systems, intending to replace the Russian Grad multiple-launch rocket systems with them,” Avia.Pro said.

“According to a number of sources, in comparison with Grad, Belarusian Flutes have a much larger range and they are capable of simultaneously firing up to 80 rockets,” they continued.

The publication said that the Belarusian Flute system will allow the Syrian military to fire 80 missiles per minute at any target, while covering a large area.

“Belarusian MLRS can launch 80 missiles at a target in a minute, covering a huge area. To combat jihadists, this weapon is simply indispensable – in comparison with them, the Grad seems to be a joke, ”the publication says.

The Syrian Army has been operating the Grad missile system for several years now; however, they have also developed their own MLRS launcher, which they have dubbed the ‘Golan’.

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