Remains of Abba Kyari
Since Friday night the news of Abba Kyari death was announced by the Presidency, there seem to be an assumed orchestrated effort of image laundering of his life and times with people across political divide trying to outdo each other with glowing tributes extended to him

Its recorded that he is affable, brilliant, charming, endearing, loyal to his boss and patriotic to his country. But the little we read or heard about him is to the contrary. I don't know him so I can only surmised with little I read in media and heard from close political associates.

Moreover few accusations against him which he never countered or refuted before he passed on will remain indelible in people's minds regardless of sophistry employed by some to change the mind of the people now

So this brings up a burning issue for me, why is Nigeria blessed with countless citizens who are achievers in their chosen field of human endeavors, brilliant individually and recognised globally, but the country they served remain underdeveloped with one of the worst infant and maternal mortality index globally, life expectancy and quality of life abysmally low, citizens surviving on $2 a day and lack of infrastructural development nationwide

Nigeria gave the world Amina Mohammed current Deputy Secretary General United Nations, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Aruma Otteh of World Bank, Justice Teslim Elias who served in International Court Hague, Prof Adeoye Lambo DG WHO, Prof Adebayo Adedeji Under Secretary General, United Nations, Muhammed Barkindo current Secretary General OPEC, Akinwumi Adesina current President African Development Bank, Adebayo Ogunlesi, Managing Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), the owner of the London Gatwick Airport and in literary world the list is endless Prof Wole Soyinka Nobel Laureate, Prof Chinua Achebe and many other Nigerians who are celebrated globally

But anytime Nigerian elites come together to serve the nation either under civil democracy or military dictatorship, their exist preponderance collective irresponsibility by them all to the citizens and the nation at large. So what's the problem and how is it possible for us all as citizens to correct this malaise in the country? 

Please reflect deeply, chew it and ponder on it


Duke F Cole

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