Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and Undue Adulation by Duke F Cole

"Why are you people worshipping Oga like second Jesus"- Babachir David Lawal

Dateline September 2014 when the campaign was hot, many of us gathered one night in Aso Drive, Asokoro Abuja residence of the presidential aspirant General Muhammad Buhari

The former SGF Babachir David Lawal who acted as Head Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) then, noticed the obsequoiuness of few members around and thundered with that famous quote above and admonishing them to behave properly

In all honesty and personally, I will not blame PMB for many wrongs taking place now. I am very sure, he will find it difficult sometimes coping with the adulation and obsequoius nature of deluded aides and supporters who tend to misrepresent him to look good or gain favours

Okay, imagine a scenario where a Presidential Special Adviser (Media) informed the whole world Buhari's silence and not addressing his people "its his own style". Just imagine such buffoonery from a man who rose to the pinnacle of his career in journalism as Group Managing Editor of a national newspaper

Today President Buhari is going to address the nation 7pm local time, so what sayeth thou the ultimate sycophant. You need to go and learn from High Chief Duro Onabule who served in same role under the military junta of Gen Ibrahim Babangida and how he discharged his duties perfectly without any show of sycophancy and obsequoiuness to his principal (first hand information from him to me actually)

If you want to succeed in your role, be original, forthright, smart, intelligent, do not be a sycophant and someone attentive to excessive servile degree, your principal can see your sycophancy from a long distance and they rarely trust and respect such muppets


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