Joint Statement: Moscow, Damascus slam US presence for harming sanitary, epidemiological situation in Syria

The unlawful US presence in Syria is the main obstacle to achieving good sanitary-epidemiological conditions in Syrian regions beyond Damascus’ control, the coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria said in a joint statement. Tass reported on Friday.

"The unlawful presence of the US and their allies on the Syrian Arab Republic’s soil is the main obstacle to establishing the proper sanitary-epidemiological wellbeing of Syrian civilians who live in the regions outside government control," the statement says.

The document underscores that the humanitarian issues of the Rukban refugee camp are, according to the international law, the responsibility of the US, who illegally occupy this region.

"Russia and Syria have repeatedly called for the prompt evacuation of everyone who chooses to leave the Rukban camp to government-controlled territory, where proper conditions have been established for these people, and where infection control measures are being taken. However, neither the relevant UN bodies, nor the US side, which controls the At-Tanf area, have fulfilled their obligations to rescue the remaining population of the camp, delaying its [the camp's] dismantling under various contrived pretexts," the statement reads.

Both headquarters consider all US demands to the Syrian government, put forth amid the unlawful US sanctions that prevent the restoration of the Syrian health system and shipment of drugs and medical equipment required to fight coronavirus, the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

"In the meantime, the US-led coalition’s press service reports regarding large shipment of humanitarian aid to the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ who guard the Daesh [IS – outlawed in Russia, terror group] detention center in northeastern Syria, evokes bewilderment," the statement runs. "A logical question arises: what prevents the US from providing the same aid to internally displaced camps within their zone of control, including Rukban and Al-Hawl, as required by international law?"

According to the HQs representatives, the answer to this question is obvious. Washington’s true intention is to provide the militants under their control with food and essentials at the UN’s expense. The headquarters earlier accused the US of attempts to transport cargo to the militants, disguised as humanitarian aid.

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