COVID19: An invisible monster that has risen from the city of Wuhan


An invisible monster that has risen from the city of Wuhan.
Bearing it’s fangs and spilling it’s venom,over the cities on its grips.

Strangulating and asphyxiating the helpless victims on its path.

Taking lives with ease and enmass;
In sneeze comes Its mustard,
in droplets comes it’s poison.

A pestilence on the prowl,
Rolling over nations on its crosshairs.

A poaching whirlwind of a plague,
Crowding the morgue beyond the measure of reason.

A cloud of caskets over our skies,
Falling over our heads in droves.

Coming in like bugler and leaving like a conqueror,
with a coffins of woes on its tracks.

A tiny giant dispersing the markets and emptying the streets.

A stalking bowl of fire sparing not those on fun nor in funerals.

A sacrilegious tragedy,matching with audacious unholiness;shutting the gates of our mosques,our churches,our synagogues and our temples.

A beastly stalker in search of a prey,
Caging at home all who want to live.

An equalizing affliction,excluding not the tycoon nor the pauper,not the king nor the subjects.

An inferno demystifying our fortresses and vanities.

A lethal smog converging foes and friends to a shelter;Sharing love and empathy for survival.

Shehu Sani

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