COVID-19: Virus cases in Belarus near 3,000

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Belarus has grown from 2,578 to 2,919, with 29 fatalities reported in the republic, the Belarusian Health Ministry announced on Monday.

According to TASS report, "a total of 2,919 people with the coronavirus infection have been registered and that most patients have mild to moderate disease symptoms. 

According to the health ministry, Fifty-five patients need the support of lung ventilators." Adding that "a total of 203 people have been released from hospitals after their recovery while 29 patients have died," the ministry said.

As of April 13, almost 68,000 tests for the coronavirus infection have been conducted in Belarus. Seventeen laboratories have been involved in the effort.

Belarusian Health Minister Vladimir Karanik earlier said that 301 medics had been infected with the coronavirus infection in the republic as of April 11. Belarus has not imposed any quarantine. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Belarus to take additional measures for physical distancing by banning mass events.

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