COVID-19: Russian military plane to deliver medical equipment from China to Moldova

Russia will provide Moldova with a military plane to deliver a large shipment of anti-coronavirus medical equipment, Moldova’s President Igor Dodon announced Friday.

"Next week, with support of our friends from China and the Russian Federation, which will provide us with a military plane, we will be able to deliver about 40 tonnes of medical supplies," the president said.

Moldova announced the purchase of a large package of coronavirus fighting kits on March 30. However, the government had to work out the issue of how to deliver the cargo. Earlier, the republic received a shipment of tests, drugs and equipment from Russia. The Moldovan president thanked both countries for the aid during the crisis period. "A friend in need is a friend indeed," Dodon noted during a briefing Friday.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Moldova introduced a state of emergency, which will last until May 15. The national borders are closed and movement of the people is restricted.

The first coronavirus case in Moldova was registered on March 7. A total of 1,289 cases are registered in the country, 128 of them are in serious state, while 29 died.

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