COVID-19: Global coronavirus cases surpass 1.5 mln

The officially confirmed number of COVID-19 cases globally has exceeded 1.5 mln, as seen from data collected by Russian news agency TASS correspondents based on statements by officials and experts from countries hit by the outbreak.

The number of coronavirus cases topped 1 mln on April 2.

The deadly virus which the World Health Organization (WHO) declared pandemich since March was first discovered in China by late December 2019 and since then, cases of the novel coronavirus - named COVID-19 by the WHO - have been reported in every corner of the globe, including Russia. 

The cases outside China have proved to be  more severe as Italy, US, Spain, France,South Korea, Iran, UK have been hardly it by the virus. More that 80,000 deaths have been recorded globally as many countries and territories are also announcing the presence of the pandemic infections in their domain.

United States currently has the highest number of infected people and second death toll after Italy as more that 15,000 Americans have died so far with over 300,000 on sick beds, Italy has recorded more than 17,000 fatalities.

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