COVID-19: At least one hundred Italian doctors have died of #coronavirus during pandemic: medics

Public Spaces Closed In 10 Italian Towns Over Coronavirus Fears
At least 100 medics have died in Italy since the initial coronavirus infections were reported in the country, according to data uploaded to the website of the National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists on Thursday.

Meanwhile, ANSA reported on April 7 that the number of junior medical staff killed by the virus had amounted to 26, while more than 6,500 were infected.

The overall number of coronavirus fatalities has exceeded 17,600 since the pandemic hit Italy, and 139,400 people have been infected. Meanwhile, on Wednesday the country reported a record high number of single-day recoveries - 2,099 people. Overall, more than 26,000 patients have recovered as of now.

Late on Wednesday, Italian media announced the recovery of a newborn infected with coronavirus in Piedmont, and this is not the first recovery case among the babies. Cases of recoveries among coronavirus-infected centenarians are also not rare. There is a 102-years-old and a 104-year-old female patient among the recoveries, as well as a 101-year-old man. Several 90+ patients have also been discharged from hospitals in Italy.

On Tuesday, Giovanni Rezza, director of the infectious disease division of the national health institute, stated that the epidemiological curve in Italy had begun to move on the downward trajectory. He noted that in order to be sure of this trend, Italian researchers need to analyze the data coming in over the next few days.

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