COIVD-19: Divorce, bankruptcy cases to grow after self-isolation - Russian Expert

The number of bankruptcy, divorce and legal dispute cases will grow after the self-isolation regime comes to its end, plenipotentiary representative of the Russian government in Constitutional and Supreme Courts Mikhail Barshchevsky said at the St. Petersburg International Legal forum held in the online format this year. Tass reported.

"I will indicate several areas with the largest number of cases, starting from midsummer. Firstly, these are divorces. China showed that this forecast would be 100% realized. The second matter is bankruptcies, either personal or corporate ones. The third one is arising labor disputes (compensations, payments and unlawful dismissals)," the expert said.

The number of cases on criminal articles related to fraud and abuse of power will grow as well, Barshchevsky added.

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