US will offer $15 mln reward for Maduro arrest says Sec. Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said on Thursday that the United States will offer USD 15 million for information leading to the arrest of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on drug-trafficking charges.

 The Justice Department unveiled charges against Maduro, describing him like a common criminal rather than a head of state as Washington tries to help opposition leader Juan Guaido take power.

According to Pompeo, while announcing the reward said "the Venezuelan people deserve a transparent, responsible, representative government that serves the needs of the people -- and that does not betray the trust of the people by condoning or employing public officials that engage in illicit narcotics trafficking."

United states has slapped series of sanctions against the Maduro's led government that has made life strenuous for the Venezuelans in an attempt to use economic pressurisation to force him out of government.

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