U.S. Blames Iran-Backed Group for Deadly Rocket Attack in Iraq

The U.S. said an Iran-backed group was behind a rocket attack that killed two American troops and a British soldier in Iraq, and Pentagon officials said they were studying all possible military responses with the president.

Asked whether a military response was certain, President Trump, speaking Thursday at the White House, said: “You will see.”

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Iraq base attack: Coalition denies strike on Iran-backed fighters in Syria

According to a report by BBC, a US-led coalition has denied carrying out air strikes on Iran-backed Iraqi Shia militiamen in eastern Syria after a deadly attack on its troops in Iraq.

A monitoring group reported that bases belonging to the paramilitary Popular Mobilisation force were hit on Wednesday night, killing 26 people.

Earlier, a rocket attack on the Camp Taji military base in Iraq killed two American troops and a British soldier.

A US commander said Shia militia groups were likely to have fired the rockets.

"While we are still investigating the attack, I will note that the Iranian proxy group Kataib Hezbollah is the only group known to have previously conducted an indirect fire attack of this scale against US and coalition forces in Iraq," Central Command chief Gen Kenneth McKenzie told a Senate committee.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the attack as "deplorable", while the US defence secretary said President Donald Trump had authorised a response and warned that all options were on the table.

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