Russian Backed Syrian Army retakes Saraqib

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The Moscow backed Damascus Arab Army of President Bashir al-Assad has retaken the city of Saraqib in the east of the Idlib province, the Al-Watan newspaper reported on Monday, citing a source.

Turkey's backed rebels and terrorist had recaptured the areas from the Syrian Arab Forces last month.

According to the reports, the rest of the city was recaptured from the Jabhat al-Nusra terror group and units cooperating with them.

Russian Backed pro Damascus forces liberated Saraqib in February, angering Ankara, which demanded the Syrian troops return to the positions they had occupied in late December 2019. 

However, the Syrian forces fought off the attacks that armed Syrian opposition units, backed by the Turkish Army, carried out on February 11 and 20. But following several days of attacks by militants supported by the Turkish artillery, Syrian troops had to retreat for tactical reasons.

Turkish troops have resumed full fledged stacks against the  Syrain army and targets in the Syrian province of Idlib governorate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Leader Erdogan are due to meet in Moscow on Thursday where the Idlib crisis will be discussed
Idlib is the only region in Syria still largely controlled by illegal armed groups. 

A de-escalation zone was created in Idlib in 2017, and militants reluctant to lay down their arms moved there from the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta and the country’s south. The Turkish Army’s observation points are located in the province.

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