Russia foiled 34 terrorist plots last year, anti-terrorism committee says

TASS: Law enforcement agencies foiled 34 terrorist plots in Russia in 2019, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) Igor Kulyagin said on Tuesday.

"In 2019, thanks to preventive actions by law enforcement and security agencies 57 terrorism-related crimes were thwarted, including 34 terrorist attacks," Kulyagin said.

Last year, 32 gunmen, including nine chieftains, were eliminated in Russia during counter-terrorism operations, and 41 ringleaders, 241 militants and 606 terrorists’ accomplices were detained, he noted.

"The personnel of the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service and the National Guard eliminated 83 illegal warehouses, which produced and converted weapons.

A large number of weapons, rounds of ammunition, explosives and explosive devises were seized, which malefactors planned to use for fulfilling their criminal plots," Kulyagin said.

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