‘Persuasion is OVER’: Illinois ORDERS restaurants to turn away ‘dine-in customers’ as California urges bars to close over Covid-19

Illinois governor announced the partial closure of bars and restaurants to keep citizens “safe” from the coronavirus, while California put out new guidelines urging elder citizens to remain home and some businesses to close.

In Illinois, the closures will begin at the end of the business day on Monday and continue through March 30. The restaurants and bars will only be closed to “dine-in customers,” meaning some businesses will remain open to fulfill pickup orders.

Governor J.B Pritzker said in his announcement that the measures will keep Illinois “safe,” according to “experts.” He revealed the reason for the closures is the fact that people have avoided the advice of local officials not to congregate and go to public spaces like bars.

It’s unfortunate that many people didn’t take that seriously… The time for persuasion and public appeals is over. The time for action is here.

Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker said that all bars and restaurants in Illinois will be closed to dine-in customers from Monday night through March 30.

The governor had previously been vocal about his disappointment with the federal government’s response to the virus. He tweeted on Saturday in response to images of long lines and crowds at O’Hare Airport that “the federal government needs to get its s**t together.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom also announced on Sunday that he is urging bars, clubs and wineries to close and for seniors over the age of 65 to remain home. He also called for restaurants to practice "social distancing" and reduce their occupancy limits by 50 percent. Though he is not forcing the chosen businesses to close, Newsom said the government has the “capacity to enforce if necessary.” He urged, however, that he is not "ratcheting up enforcement" or encouraging a "police state."

Newsom added the guidelines are in effect immediately.

Illinois and California may only be the beginning when it comes to certain public spaces being closed off to the public. Ohio Governor Mike De Wine told ‘Meet the Press’ on Sunday that he is currently “looking at” closing bars and restaurants in his state to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

WATCH: @GovMikeDeWine (R) says he's looking at closing bars and restaurants in Ohio. #MTP #IfItsSunday

When making decisions, he says he's consulted the charts of the pandemic in 1918 — comparing St. Louis and Philadelphia: "What it tells us is ... every day counts so much."

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