Following declaration of the pandemic, and increasing spread in some countries, we have begun a review of our own case definition. However, Nigeria has not place a travel ban on any country passport or flights.

Between 7 January and 12 March, 2020, a total of 42 people, who met our case definition has been screened for COVID-19 in 6 states; Edo, Lagos, Ogun, Yobe, Rivers, Kano and the FCT, of which 40 tested negative and 2 were confirmed positive- the index case and the contact index case- and zero deaths on COVID-19.

The index case is clinically stable and is much improved, steady progress till early next week will guard the medical team in discharging him.

The second confirmed case, a contact of the index case is testing negative for the virus now, meaning he has cleared the virus and would be allowed to go home.

As at the 10th of March, 2020, Nigeria has recorded just 2 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with no deaths. One case is now negative and will be discharged from care while the other will follow in a few days.

After 14 days of follow up with no symptoms, all contacts of the index case both in Ogun and Lagos states will be allowed to go home and re-join society.

The multi-sectorial Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) will continue to oversee national response activities. We ensured that every state of the federation, particularly those with international airports, identify a location that can be used to manage cases. We support the state to scale up capacity to support these needs.

COVID-19 cases in China has continued to decrease which is evident that the pandemic can be controlled, the Federal Ministry of Health is monitoring the global situation closely and seeking advice from the World Health Organisation.

The NCDC has launched a new website focused on COVID-19, it is updated everyday and has information needed for even daily situation reports, a guidance for schools, a guidance for health workers and more;

We are monitoring the situation very closely, if there any change we are going to respond appropriately, we are taking appropriate measures, we have expert in epidemiology and public health virology. Every situation is country tailored.

Regarding sports, every country takes measures that are consistence with its own situation. Countries where the virus is spreading widely have been forced to cancel various activities.

We have couple of cases and are able to contain it, if we don’t have pressing reason we don’t have to start banning anything, but we are watching the situation closely and we do a strict screening and part of what we shall be doing is restricting Nigerians from travelling to countries with this virus.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the federal ministry of health reviewed the policy to allow passengers without yellow card or proof of vaccination to board their fights to Nigeria with the understanding that they will be given Yellow Fever vaccination on arrival on our point of entry, for free. However, the Yellow card is at a nominal cost.

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