Iran reports 15 new coronavirus deaths, raising toll to 92

Authorities in Tehran on Wednesday reported 15 new deaths from the novel coronavirus and 586 additional cases, bringing the overall toll to 92 dead and 2,922 infected.

"The number of confirmed new cases in the past 24 hours is 586," health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour told a televised news conference.

However, international reports dispute the government's claims, placing the death toll at more than 210, but was dismissed by dismissed by Iranian authorities immediately as false.

Earlier this week, the BBC reported that at least 210 people have died as a result of the COVID-19 in Irann as the country is emerging as a major coronavirus cluster in the Middle East with an insinuation that Tehran is covering up the actual scale of the outbreak it is facing.

Meanwhile, the officials number of confirmed cases in Iran rose to 593 on Saturday, with at least seven top officials and lawmakers among them, the authorities are claiming that they are as transparent as it gets.

US State Secretary Pompeo announced on Twitter Friday that the US was ready to send humanitarian aid to Iran, but Iranian authorities rejected the offer as "ridiculous".

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