COVID-19: Escaped coronavirus patient returned to Moscow hospital — Security source

A woman with coronavirus infection suspicion, who escaped a hospital in Moscow’s Kommunarka, has been apprehended and returned to the hospital, TASS reported on Monday, citing a law enforcement source.

According to the reports, "A woman with suspected coronavirus escaped a hospital in Kommunarka. She has been apprehended and returned back for treatment," the source said, adding that the woman has been apprehended by law enforcement officers.

312 patients were under care in the hospital where the woman escaped, 17 of whom had tested positive for coronavirus.

According to the source, the woman stayed at home after the escape. The people she contacted are being determined.

On March 5, Moscow hospitals, clinics, utilities, transportation and other services went into heightened readiness mode. People coming from countries with bad epidemiological situation must remain in home isolation. People with respiratory disease symptoms are instructed to summon doctors to their homes.

Moscow authorities have acknowledged the coronavirus spread as unpreventable emergency.

Authorities in the country have ordered people returning from high-risk countries to self-isolate for two weeks. Those who are suspected of being infected with the coronavirus are transferred to hospital quarantine.
The outbreak of a disease caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was registered in central China in late December 2019.

The World Health Organization recognized the situation with the novel coronavirus as a pandemic on March 11.

Outside China, the worst affected countries are Italy, South Korea and Iran. 

Overall, more than 130 countries, including Russia, US, South Africa, Nigeria, Israel and Saudi Arabia have reported confirmed coronavirus cases. 

According to WHO, the novel coronavirus cases globally have exceeded 160,000, with more than 6,000 deaths (over 3,200 in China). A total of 63 coronavirus cases have been registered in Russia while US have registered over 60 death toll. 

A national coordination council to combat virus spread in Russia was set up on March 14 while US president Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency to combat the spread of the deadly virus.

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