Bernie Sanders calls for lifting US sanctions against Iran amid pandemic

Socialist Democrat, Bernie Sanders has called for immediate lifting of all US sanctions against Iran amid pandemic that has ravaged the country as one of the worst hit nations outside China where the virus was first reported late last year

US Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful called for lifting of US sanctions against Iran as the Middle East nation struggles with the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran has over 17,000 coronavirus cases and 1,135 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Iran is facing a catastrophic toll from the coronavirus pandemic. U.S. sanctions should not be contributing to this humanitarian disaster.
As a caring nation, we must lift any sanctions hurting Iran’s ability to address this crisis, including financial sanctions. …

Iran has confirmed 147 new deaths from the novel coronavirus, bringing the country’s total death toll to 1,135

United States reimposed sanctions aimed at total creeping of the Tehran economy after Trump unilaterally pulled US out of the Iran's nuclear deal with the world powers and Germany.

An ex-senator in Nigerian 8th National Assembly Shehu Sani had on Sunday made a similar call on US to suspend all Iran related sanctions for the Persian to be able to address the Virus challenges that has claimed more than a thousand lives.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry accused the United States of taking deliberate actions that hamper Iran’s measures to tackle the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Iranian citizens in their millions have been deprived of the opportunity to purchase vital medical items, no matter how Washington is trying to distort this fact. Russian Foreign ministry said.

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