Venezuela opposition leader Guaido says he has returned to Caracas

AP: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó appeared to have breezed through security at an airport near Caracas on Tuesday, returning home without incident from a risky international tour that included a White House meeting with President Donald Trump.

The return has raised questions about how Guaidó will use his newfound Washington backing.

He set out on the trip looking to shore up support for the campaign to overthrow socialist President Nicolás Maduro as a way to end Venezuela’s crisis.

Guaidó left Venezuela in mid-January, defying a travel ban ordered by the government-friendly supreme court that put his safe return in jeopardy.

While away, Guaidó also met with leaders in Europe, urging them to continue their support for him. Officials in the Trump administration have said they are considering ways to exert more pressure to force out Maduro.

Guaidó is urging Venezuelans to remain unified and to take the streets again, demonstrating their will to end the socialist government that the opposition leaders calls a “dictatorship.”


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