US Pompoe in Africa: Buahri should intensify efforts of re-radicalizing and reintegration of Boko Haram militants in Nigeria


Secretary Michael R. Pompeo is presently on a three leg visits to Angola, Ethiopia and Senegal in a tour tagged "Deepening an Important Strategic Partnership"

Yesterday United States and Senegalese governments signed different MOU's in different sectors; Transportation, Energy, Healthcare, and Social Projects with CEO's of Bechtel Corporation, General Electric and Weldy Lamont signing different ones with relevant agencies in Senegal

US Secretary of State discussed with Senegalese President Macky Sall on issues of security cooperation, bilateral joint agreements, he also expressed appreciation for Senegal's contributions to regional peacekeeping and preventing the spread of terrorism

For a very long time Nigeria was regarded as the giant of Africa, where we are regarded as the head for regional peacekeeping efforts, best destination for FDI and regarded as the largest growing emerging economy in sub-saharan hemisphere

Today, Secretary of State came to Africa and we are not even included, secondly, just last week few of our Ministers were summoned to Washington when same Mike Pompeo was planning visits to Africa a week later

Anyway Buhari administration should intensify the asinine efforts of re-radicalizing and reintegration of Boko Haram militants, the whole world is watching and will do the needful by seeking better strategic partners

Isnt it obvious we are now at the rung of the ladder in Africa today and nobody send us again. Actually we go cap in hand borrowing all over the place when little nations like Senegal with 17 million people are attracting special interests and deemed to be strategic partners of United States


Duke F Cole

Recap of events in Senegal
US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo was in Senegal to start his tour of Africa, the first U.S. Cabinet official to visit in more than 18 months.

Pompoe left Senegal on Sunday to Angola and after that will travel to Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, which is also the headquarters of the African Union,with the central aim of the Trump administration countering the growing interest of China, Russia and other global powers in Africa and its booming young population of more than 1.2 billion.

Mike Pompeo who is the incumbent U.S. Secretary of State said during his visit to Senegal that the President Trump administration is working to determine what level of US forces is needed in West Africa to counter the rise of Jihadists violence in the region.

Discussing the issue of the U.S. military presence in West Africa with President Macky Sall amid reports that the Trump administration intends to reduce troops in Africa, Pompoe said "the US Department of Defense is looking at West Africa to make sure we have our force levels right."

“We did have a lot of conversation about security issues here, about America’s role in those. We’ve made it clear that the Department of Defense is looking at West Africa to make sure we have our force levels right,” Pompeo said to reporters Sunday. “I was here as CIA director, so I know these security issues very, very well. We’ll get it right, we’ll get it right collectively; I’m convinced of that.”

The top diplomat said the U.S. will work with Senegal, other West African countries and France to counter the growing threat of extremist violence.

“We have an obligation to get security right here, in the region — it’s what will permit economic growth and we’re determined to do that,” Pompeo said. “And I’m convinced that when our review is done, we’ll have a conversation with not just Senegal, but all the countries in the region ... We’ll deliver an outcome that works for all of us.”

Senegal’s Foreign Minister Amadou Ba confirmed that West Africa is concerned about the extremist violence that is spreading in West Africa.

“Terrorism has no border, and it is very costly,” said Ba at the news conference with Pompeo. He said that Senegal and the region wants continued military support from the U.S.

“Yes, we are under threat,” Ba said. “We want them (the U.S.) to remain present. We hope they will continue to support in security areas. We hope they will continue to support us in training and intelligence. This was discussed with the president of the republic.”

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