China's Coronavirus: United States, UAE, Spain confirm new cases

Beijing Tasks EU on urgent procurement of medical supplies 

The United States of America has confirmed its eighth case, the first in Massachusetts.

In the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has confirmed its fifth case in a Chinese national who came from Wuhan, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection said in a statement posted on Twitter. Adding that his condition is stable and he is under observation, the statement said.

Spain's National Centre for Microbiology has confirmed the country's first case of coronavirus after a man was diagnosed with the virus on the remote island of La Gomera in the Canaries, the Health Ministry said. The patient is part of a group of five people taken under observation on the island and isolated after it was found they had come into contact with a German man diagnosed with the virus.

In US, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) said the patient was a man who had recently traveled to Wuhan. He had been isolated since returning to the US and will continue to remain isolated, the DPH said in a statement on its website.

Cases have been previously confirmed in the US states of California, Illinois, Arizona and Washington.

As the deadly virus keep ravaging China and spreading globally to other nations, China's Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday asked the European Union to facilitate China's urgent procurement of medical supplies from member countries, the Chinese government said.

At least 259 people have died and 11,791 people have been infected in China by the new coronavirus, according to new figures from China's health officials, with thousands more suspected of having the virus, according to Chinese state media.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which has commended the China's timely response to contain the SARS-like killer virus declares the new coronavirus outbreak in China as a public health emergency of international concern
Meanwhile, Beijing has criticised Washington's order barring entry to most foreigners who visited China in the past two weeks, and "unfriendly comments" that its government is failing to cooperate in the crisis.

The Chinese government said the decision contradicted the WHO's appeal to avoid travel bans.

Trump Administration took drastic steps that temporarily bar foreign nationals who have travelled in China within the last 14 days.

Also, Americans returning from China will be allowed into the country but will face screening at select ports of entry and required to undertake 14 days of self-screening to ensure they do not pose a health risk.

Those returning from Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak, will be subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

Beginning on Sunday, the US will also begin funnelling all flights to the US from China to seven major airports where passengers can be screened for the illness.

Earlier, three US airlines - American, Delta and United - said they would soon suspend all flights to China.

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