Turkish defence ministry says two soldiers killed as Russia deploys Su-24 Bombers in Syria

At Syrian Military’s Request, Russia Deploys Su-24 Bombers

At the Damascus 's request, Russia deployed its Su-24 bombers which struck the Turkish backed militant rebels to prevent them from advancing and allowing Syrian government forces to “successfully repel all attacks” on Thursday.

According to the Russian military, Turkish backed terrorists/rebels in Idlib launched a massive offensive on Syrian army positions near Nairab, under the cover of Turkish artillery, adding that four Syrian soldiers were wounded by the Turkish artillery barrage. AP reported on Thursday.

“The militants’ actions were supported by the Turkish artillery fire, which allowed the militants to break through the Syrian army’s defenses,” it said in a statement.

The military added that at the Syrian military’s request, Russian Su-24 bombers then struck the militants to prevent them from advancing and allowing Syrian government forces to “successfully repel all attacks.”

Turkey’s Defense Ministry also confirmed that two Turkish soldiers were killed in an airstrike in Syria’s Idlib province while five other soldiers were wounded in the attack.

 Russia’s T-90A tank

The deaths bring to 15 the number of Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib.

A ministry statement posted Thursday on Twitter said Turkey’s military is responding to the attack. It did not provide further details, or say where in Idlib the attack occurred.

The ministry claimed that as many as 50 Syrian government soldiers were killed and that five tanks, two armored personnel carriers and other equipment were destroyed.

It was not immediately clear whether it was the Russian airstrikes that killed the two Turkish soldiers.

(AP contributed to this post)

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