Turkey designates Syrian government forces as "hostile targets" — official

Turkey says will not stop refugees who want to go to Europe: official
Greece boosts border patrols as Turkey says will release refugees

Following an escalation situations in the Idlib province of Aleppo in Syria where at least 33 Turkish troops were among the terrorists that came under the heavy Syrian shelling on Wednesday, Turkey has now designated Assad's Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as hostile targets. 

On Thursday, Turkey said will now recognize all elements of the Syrian government forces as hostile targets as the killing of Turkish soldiers in Idlib after an air strike blamed on Damascus prompted an emergency meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan where the new resolution was reached.

Spokesman for Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Omer Celik said: "All elements of the Syrian regime have now become [email protected]

Turkey now recognizes all Assad regime elements as hostile targets," Celik was quoted by the Sabah newspaper as saying. Adding that Turkey's migration policy remains unchanged but Ankara will no longer contain the flow of Syrian refugees to Europe.

Nearly 300 migrants, including Syrians, have already arrived on the border with Greece,according to an AFP reports.

Turkey will no longer close its border gates to refugees who want to go to Europe, a senior official told AFP on Friday, shortly after the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in an airstrike in northern Syria.

"We will no longer keep the doors closed for refugees who want to go to Europe," the official said on condition of anonymity.

Another group of migrants arrived on the coast of Ayvacik in Canakkale, western Turkey, and wanted to go to the Greek island of Lesbos by boats, it reported.

Greece has immediately boosters its border patrols to curb Turkish motivated influx  of the refugees into the European nations from the Greece borders.

In 2015, before an EU-Turkey accord was reached on controlling migration of refugees, over a million people escaped into the EU countries.

The blames should be on the EU and NATO nations who sponsored and sported uprisings in their acclaimed enemy countries in a pretense for promoting Democracies.

The crisis in Libya have cause more death, insecurities and illegal migrations through maditeranian sea to African nations and Sahel region more that the number of death and casualties recorded in removing the Libyan leader col. Muhamad Gadafi. The war over Tripoli is till on as the eastern leader Hafter and his forces are heel bent to resettle the capital from the UN recognised authority in Tripoli.

The situation in Idlib escalated at the start of February after Russian and Turkish militaries made another attempt to impose a ceasefire regime, but terrorists only stepped up their attacks in response.

Last week Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Ankara was ready to use its full combat power in case an operation in Idlib was needed. Erdogan added that the start of a military campaign in Idlib is only a matter of time and that all preparations had been made.

Idlib is the only region of Syria that is still mostly controlled by illegal armed groups. 

In 2017, a northern de-escalation zone was set up there, and militants who refused to lay down arms in Eastern Gouta near Damascus and in southern parts of Syria moved there. according to Tass' report.

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