Turkey Deploying troops on the outskirts of city of Saraqib to prevent the Syrian regime advancement

The operations of the Turkish army in the Idlib province of Syria's northwest has become confrontational against the Russian backed regime troops who are determined to root out  rebel terrorists in the area controlled by the Ankara back militias.

The Turkish occupation army is deployed on the outskirts of the city of Saraqib to prevent the Syrian regime from controlling it, warning of clashes between the two sides in the city.

@Kurdistan_AR: جيش الاحتلال التركي ينتشر على أطراف مدينة سراقب لمنع سيطرة النظام السوري عليها، ما ينذر بوقوع أشتباكات بين الطرفين في المدينة

In the last 24 hour, The Turkish army and its mercenaries bomb the town of Ain Issa with heavy weapons as part of retaliations to the alleged Syrian Army's attacks of the Turkish troops in the region of Idlib.

جيش الاحتلال التركي ومرتزقته يقصفون مركز بلدة عين عيسى بالإسلحة الثقيلة

Russia confirmed the regime's attak on the Turkis posts but said Ankara failed to give any notice ahead of its operation the Syria's Idlib region.

Turkey's military operations against the Damascus forces can lead to a temporarily a set back in the Russian-Syrian efforts to restore the remaining 1/3 of the country to the al-Assad control and Syria statehood.

Turkey backed rebels may not easily vacate the areas as the Ankara's deployment of militant mercenaries to Libya may not necessarily visible as Turkish president said the country is determined to retaliate any attacks against its forces in Syria and warned Russia not to stand in the way.

The latest reported clashes between Ankara forces and Damascus troops have led to the killing os scores with many other wounded.

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